Happy Birthday Girls

1st of January 2015 –¬†The 1st of January is a very special day in the Zimzala household. It is the day we celebrate Lica’s birthday; the beginning of everything we now know as Zimzala, and also the adoption day of our old girl Rusty. It was 9 years ago that Anette Nielsen sent me the message that Alma’s (Almanza Chocolate Silhouette) puppies had arrived, and that she did have a puppy for us. It was too the day, three years later, that I drove along the N2 highway, on my way to Cape Town International to drop my father off at the airport, an saw the two bedraggled dogs lying next to the road. After dropping my father for his flight I returned, to see if they were¬†still there. Only the dirty, flea and tick ridden brown girl chose to climb into the car, her black counterpart chose to run away (which is a story in itself). The ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan. She was named Rusty and the rest is history. Happy Birth and Adoption Day to our two very special girls. Lica turned 9 years old today and we think Rusty must be about 13 years or older. Ladies – we love you so much and pray that we will have many more years of your company to enrich our days.

Rusty and Liquorice – Happy Birthday to our special girls.

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