The girls and I attended the Kennel Association Retriever Trials over the weekend of 22 – 24 September.

MAIDEN STAKE – All three girls (Mirah, Phoebe and Delft) participated in the Maiden Stake. 33 dogs entered and only 9 successfully completed the stake. Our Mirah fell out on the 5th out of 9 retrieves when she failed to find the water blind. Our Delft successfully completed the stake. Phoebe completed and was awarded a Certificate of Merit.

NOVICE STAKE – Mirah participated in the Novice Stake, which had 23 dogs running and 8 successfully completed the stake. Sadly Mirah fell out when the diversion blind proved too big a temptation. However, she did have the joy of delivering 2 x pigeons, 2 x quail, 1 x mentioned duck to hand and the opportunity to retrieve 1 x Guinea Fowl when she was used as test dog. She was awarded a special prize – “Battle of the Wills” to commend her for the successful stand off over the infamous duck. It was quite a contest which which she eventually won 🙂 The prize, very appropriately – a bag of chewy duck skins.

All in all a wonderful weekend with my girls.

Delft, Mirah and Phoebe