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Inqaba Biotec Results

We received our results for the gangs colour tests from Inqaba Biotec today. The Zimzala gangs DNA colour profiles are as follow

  • Lica – Ch Black Amanda’s Zim Zala Bim of Zimzala FQ APT CGC(Go) – BbEE
  • Sambuca – Ch Starworkers Little Big Man of Zimzala Β APT CGC(Go) – BBEE
  • Pastis – Ch Explicit Torpedo Girl of Zimzala APT CGC(Go) – BbEe
  • Mirah – Ch Zimzala Spirit of Love APT CGC(Go) – bbEe
  • Legolas – Zimzala Prince of Elves (DMA) CGC(Go) – BBee

What this means for our future litter between Sambuca and Mirah – we are expecting Black puppies only. This means disappointment for the people on our puppy list hoping for a Liver or Yellow puppy, but luckily Black is beautiful πŸ™‚

DSC_8660In this photo – Pastis, Mirah, Sambuca, Legolas and Lica.



The Mirah Update

We visited Rachel at her Fertility Clinic at Animal Zone, Klapmuts early this morning. Mirah is now past Proestrus, and in the Estrus cycle, thus ready to be mated/inseminated. Rachel collected some blood to check the hormone levels and thus determine the optimal day for insemination. She expects it to be any time from Friday, probably over the weekend. πŸ™‚

In the photos – Mirah and Sambuca playing with our Prince and Princess puppies.

69. 72.

SAVA Eye Examination

So today saw us driving through to Panorama Veterinary Clinic at the break of dawn for an early appointment with Dr Jo-An Odayar. Dr Odayar was going to perform the SAVA eye examination on Sambuca (8 1/2 years old) and Mirah (4 years old). I am sooo happy to report that they both passed and was certified clear of any hereditary eye conditions such as HC, PRA and/or Glaucoma. Eye lids, Cornea, Iris, Lens, Vitreous and Fundus all clear and normal. Sambuca’s test did show tiny pin points on the front of his lens, but Dr Odayar certified it as non hereditary, pronouncing it incidental and of no significance. The good news is that it is so tiny that it does not affect his vision at all. I am so happy, as this was the last green light needed before we could proceed with our planned litter between Mirah with Sambuca, with insemination planned for next week. Holding thumbs for some more good news soon πŸ˜€ – Visit their Health pages on the website to view the certificates.


Happy Birthday Spirit Pups

Today is our Fruit of the Spirit Litter’s 4th Birthday.

Happy Birthday to our darling Mirah – Ch Zimzala Spirit of Love APT CGC(Go) – thank you for sharing your love so freely. You are so big in personality and character. Mirah our Magnificent – you take our breath away. Our crazy wild girl who does everything so well, and loving best of all. Your name is a perfect fit – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU!! πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday to Maia, Skye, Tara, Zola, Chingo, Dexter, Rusty and in loving memory our sweet Barnabas who was taken from this world too soon.

mirah_11 mirah_12mirah_13

Happy Birthday Princess Pea

Pastis – Ch Explicit Torpedo Girl of Zimzala APT CGC(Go). Today is our beautiful girl’s 7th Birthday πŸ™‚ It was December 2007, I was doing one of my favourite things – browsing Flatcoat websites, when I came across Mathilda LΓΌckners photo of her stunning boy Pommac. He just blew my mind, and then I saw they were expecting a litter from this gorgeous boy. I listened to my heart and just about begged her for a puppy. Mathilda blessed our family by trusting this truly precious girl to our care. Pastis – little Miss Left Ear, was born on the 19th of January 2008 and joined our family in April of that year. She is a true princess from day one, bringing grace to everything she does, our Princess Pea. She is so fit and on the go, the Tinkerbell to the Peter Pan character. I can hardly believe she is 7 years old today. I don’t think this sweet girl will ever grow old. Eager to learn and eager to please. Show her what you want and she’ll do it with all her heart. I just love this girl and can’t imagine my life without her. Happy Birthday my sweet.


Zimzala K9 Training

The holidays are something of the past and our first term for 2015 will start on Monday 19 January. View our Training Schedule for all details.

You can contact:

  • Gill Painter for all Puppy Socialising, First Home Obedience and Behavioural issues – 072 464 0404 or
  • Amanda de Wet for Young to Adult Obedience and Gundog Training – 082 579 2831 or


To Breed or Not to Breed?

That is the question. Pastis surprised everyone by going into season much sooner than expected and Mirah is sure to follow in her trail. I’ll be going away for a couple of days, putting my feet up, watching the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean at the beautiful fisherman’s village Paternoster. We’ll be staying at the lovely Vissershuisie, overlooking the sea. This should provide ample opportunity to contemplate and make this very important decision . Β I would so love to have another litter and again welcome puppies at Zimzala, but I am very undecided. Β I’ve never been able to breed a litter without keeping a puppy, so I can’t see that happening, and why would I want to do that anyway? However,Β I find the idea of giving six Flatcoats the time and attention they deserve quite daunting. My greatest fear is that, if I do keep another puppy, one of my dogs will fall through the cracks and not receive the daily input they so need and deserve. Decisions, decisions… πŸ™

Watch this space, as I’ll be posting any news as soon as I know where the spirit is leading me…..