My sweet Phoebe. So proud of her. My first time in the ring after a 4 year absence. Her first time ever. I could see Sambuca in everything she did, bar the wagging tail. He always took everything in his stride, for Phoebe, my little pessimist, it does not come as naturally, she really digs deep to give all she does, which truly does make it even more precious. Love love love these awesome creatures ?????? A true gift from God ?????? Phoebe – Ch Zimzala I’m Your Angel FQ CGC (Go) at Cape Handler’s Dog Club Obedience Competition. She was awarded 1st Place in Beginner’s Class with 97% and 4th Place in Novice Class with 87%. Not too shabby for a first time in the Obedience ring. It was an awesome day out with my precious girl, very emotional seeing her follow in her daddy’s footsteps. Thank you to CHDC for a wonderful morning, Marie Ellis & Barbara for judging and steward duties and all the sponsors for the fantastic prizes.

1st Place Beginners and 4th Place Novice Obedience Class – CHDC



CFTC Retriever Trials 27 – 30 September 2018

Our girls participated in the CFTC Retriever Trials and really did themselves proud. Delft and Phoebe was awarded their FQ titles after completing the CFTC Field Qualifying stake. Mirah was awarded a Certificate of Merit (COM) SAHR points and her Novice Retriever Title (NHR) after completing the CFTC Maiden Stake. She was also awarded the very special “Chucker’s Choice” 🙂 It was an amazing weekend, spent with wonderful like minded people and my MOST incredible dogs. They are a true blessing in my life!!

Phoebe – Ch Zimzala I’m Your Angel FQ CGC(Go), Mirah  Ch Zimzala Spirit of Love NHR FQ APT CGC(Go) and Delft – Ch Featherstone’s Nightbird’s Song of Zimzala FQ (DMA) CGC(Go)



The girls and I attended the Kennel Association Retriever Trials over the weekend of 22 – 24 September.

MAIDEN STAKE – All three girls (Mirah, Phoebe and Delft) participated in the Maiden Stake. 33 dogs entered and only 9 successfully completed the stake. Our Mirah fell out on the 5th out of 9 retrieves when she failed to find the water blind. Our Delft successfully completed the stake. Phoebe completed and was awarded a Certificate of Merit.

NOVICE STAKE – Mirah participated in the Novice Stake, which had 23 dogs running and 8 successfully completed the stake. Sadly Mirah fell out when the diversion blind proved too big a temptation. However, she did have the joy of delivering 2 x pigeons, 2 x quail, 1 x mentioned duck to hand and the opportunity to retrieve 1 x Guinea Fowl when she was used as test dog. She was awarded a special prize – “Battle of the Wills” to commend her for the successful stand off over the infamous duck. It was quite a contest which which she eventually won 🙂 The prize, very appropriately – a bag of chewy duck skins.

All in all a wonderful weekend with my girls.

Delft, Mirah and Phoebe 



On Saturday 7 July 2018 we had such an awesome day at the Hottentots Holland Kennel Club Retriever trials. The girls, Mirah, Phoebe and Delft, participated in the club’s Maiden Stake. For Delft her first time running with the “big” girls and boys. Unfortunately Mirah and Delft fell out in the second last series, but Phoebe went on to finish her trial!!! So so proud of her and chuffed with all three, though we have lots and lots and lots to work on  , but what an awesome day, out in the field with my girls, enjoying our time together. Just LOVE them!!!

Delft, Mirah and Phoebe in Barrydale attending the Hottentots Holland Kennel Club Retriever Trials.


Today at the Swartland Kennel Club Championship Breed Show under Gundog Specialist and A Panel Field Trial judge Ms Dale Fabian, our Delft – Featherstone’s Nightbird’s Song CGC(Go) DMA was awarded her final CC (qualifying for her breed champion title) and Best of Breed #2. Best Champion, Best of Breed #1 and Best in Group #4 was awarded to home bred beauty Leia – GR.CH (Breed), CH, INT. CH (C.I.B) Zimzala Dream Princess CGC(Go) APT(Ex) FQ.
As much fun as recent shows were, I am pleased to say that for now, our show days are over   and we’ll be focusing on field work and other fun activities. Love my girl and so happy to see her well and that beautiful tail wagging again   

Delft – Ch Featherstone’s Nightbird’s Song of Zimzala CGC(Go) DMA – Champion title awaiting KUSA confirmation.

CGC 16 & 17 June 2018

Another wonderful rewarding weekend of being Canine Good Citizens  Well done to all the handlers and dogs who put in the time and effort throughout the term. Improving their relationship and handling skills, under the guidance of trainers Gill Painter, Ilse Fourie, Amanda de Wet and Susan Bellis. Congratulations and a special hand to those who passed their tests and were awarded their CGC Certificates.Thank you to our evaluators – Amanda de Wet and Mari Ellis and special thanks to Gill Painter for handling all the ring steward duties.

The following certificates were awarded
Leen van Roey & Kumba – Rhodesian Ridgeback – #2407 Marlene de Klerk & Genie – German Shepherd – #2406
Karen Horn & Daisy – Border Collie – #2405
Dojema Theron & Klara – Giant Schnauzer – #2404
Tanja Hichert & Carlos – German Shepherd – #2401
Willem de Wet & Ili (I Like It) – Cross Breed – #2403
Amanda de Wet & Cosmo (Wingerd Brakke Harry) – Jack Russell Terrier – #2402
Mashilo Jones & Bugsy – Pug – #2400
Margie Barker & Holly (Oakvale White Diamond) – West Highland Terrier – #2399
Liezl Bester & Alex – Hungarian Viszla – #2398
Ivone Billingham & Fudge – Cocker Spaniel – #2397
Amanda de Wet & Guinness (Owner Jaquie Taylor) – Rottweiler – #2396
Stephanie Ferreira & Odie – Hungarian Viszla – #2395
Mariette Oostenbrink & Bella – Cocker Cross – #2394
Maxine Botha & Lana (Blankeveldt Lana) – Labrador Retriever – #2386
Megan Dutton & Milly (Milly Conradie) – Boston Terrier – #2387
Elsabe Victor & Layla – Boerboel – #2389
Craig Williams & Coco – Pitbull Terrier – #2390
Lucille Drury & Diesel (Spartan Jagger) – Rottweiler – #2385
Willem de Wet & Ili (Ili I like it) – Cross Breed – #11660
Amanda de Wet & Cosmo (Wingerd Brakke Harry) – Jack Russell Terrier – #1836
Woudie Saaiman & Luna – Australian Shepherd – #1837
Karen Gibson & Kashmir (Breten Kashmir of Faeriering) – Australian Shepherd – #1830

Willem & Ili (I Like It) – CGC Bronze & Silver, Amanda with 12 year old Cosmo – CGC Bronze & Silver and baby Guinness – CGC Bronze.
Margie & Holly, Mashilo & Bugsy, Stephanie & Odie, Liezl & Alex and Ivone & Fudge – Bronze CGC awarded
Karen & Daisy, Marlene & Genie, Dojema & Klara, Amanda & Cosmo, Willem & Ili and Tanja & Carlos – Bronze CGC awarded
Karen & Daisy, Ivona & Rupert, Mari Ellis (evaluator), Amanda & Cosmo, Willem & Ili and Woudie & Luna – Silver CGC Group




This weekend (2 & 13 May 2018) our two black beauties participated in The Doberman Club of the Cape’s Aptitude and Dog Mentality Assessment tests.Though Phoebe finished with a positive score, she did not pass the tests to qualify for her APT title, confirming what we know of this precious girl. No, she won’t run away from a scary situation, but if given the choice she would prefer to stay put at my side, rather than going up close and investigate what it is all about. Delft on the other hand kept the Flatcoat flag flying by passing her assessment and being awarded her DMA certificate and title. The highlight for me, being outside and spending some one on one quality time with each of my girls. LOVE and so proud of them  


Another end of term celebrated with our Canine Good Citizen Tests, presented on Saturday 24 March ’18 at Gill Painter’s training facility in Joostenbergvlakte and Sunday 25 March ’18 at Zimzala, Stellenbosch. I truly so enjoyed both days of evaluating these special dog/handler teams. The relationship between dog and owner, which was clearly displayed in the high standard of work, was a huge source of joy. Well done to all who participated and congratulations to those who passed their tests. Thank you to Gill Painter for once again managing the steward duties and keeping the wheels rolling without any bumps. Well done to Gill and Ilse Fourie for preparing our participants so well. The following certificates were awarded:
Tielman Malherbe & Jamba (Kendly Jamba) – Rhodesian Ridgeback
Nikita Herring & Sheba (Mia) – Golden Retriever – #2269
Adelle van der Merwe & Pippa – Kelpie XBorder Collie – #2264
Marika Putter & Mia (Quilquest Chardonay) – Golden Retriever – #2265
Aleysia Kleinert & Sputnik (Chrisri Nazar Sputnik) – Black Russian Terrier – #2266
Susan Weyers & Bailey – Basset Hound – #2267
Karen Gibson & Kashmir (Brejan M. Kashmir) – Australian Shepherd – #2268
Ivano Contardo & Rupert – Cocker Spaniel – #2277
Gary Ballentine & Buddy (Elgehana’s Buddy) – Miniature Schnauzer – #2278
Catherina Mickschick & Xabu (Ye Japha Nabhani Xabu) – Rhodesian Ridgeback – #2270
Marina Klumper & Moyo – Labrador Retriever – #2272
Woudi Saaiman & Luna – Australian Shepherd – #2273
Riane Pywell & OD (Odus Pywell) – Golden Retriever – #2274
Daan Bloemarts & Jazz – Multi Breed – #2275
Colin Sturgens & Dante (Quando King) – Belgian Malinois – #2276
Michelle Nilsson & Porthos (Porthos of Icehaven) – Rottweiler – #1838
Janice Hicks & Gunner (Savannalands Gun’s & Roses) – Golden Retriever – #1839
Judith Brink & Jazz (Kingsdale Jazz) – Golden Retriever – #1832
Colin Sturgen & Dante (Quando King) – Belgian Malinois – #1831
Michelle Nilsson & Porthos (Porthos of Icehaven) – Rottweiler – #0928

CGC Bronze Group
CGC Bronze Group
CGC Bronze
CGC Silver Group
Janice Hicks & Gunner – CGC Silver
Colin Sturgens and Dante – CGC Bronze & Silver
Daan Bloemarts & Jazz – CGC Bronze
Judith Brink & Jazz – CGC Silver
Ivona Contardo & Rupert – CGC Bronze



On Sunday 18 March 2018 I spent a most enjoyable morning, at the Western Cape Boxer Club Non Championship Show, judging Special Beginner, Beginner and Novice Obedience. It was very rewarding to evaluate such a high standard of dog/handler teams. Well done to all who participated and congratulations to our group winners. The following places were awarded

1st place Andrea Johnson & Georgia (Labrador Retriever)
2nd Place Chantel Ross-Germishuys & Cleopatra (Golden Retriever)

1st place Marina Schobel & Artax (Border Collie)
2nd Place Zoe Schobel & Treju (Border Collie)
3rd Place Loraine Erasmus & Ellie (Labrador Retriever)

1st Place Cheryl Robertson & Frodo (Jack Russell)
2nd Place Madelein van der Watt & Jesse-James (Cocker Spaniel)
3rd Place Louis Marc Germishuiys & Rose Maylie (Border Collie)

Thank you to Ilse Fourie for assisting with the steward duties and the WC Boxer Club for putting up a wonderful show 🙂

Special Beginner, Beginner and Novice Obedience group winners at the Western Province Boxer Club Open Show on Sunday 18 March 2018


Delft attended the Whale Coast and Overberg Kennel Club Championship Shows on Saturday 10 March 2018 and was awarded 2 x Championship Certificate Points and 2 x Best of Breeds by judges Ms Allison Banks and Mr Mark Simpson. Love this little girl dearly.

Delft – Featherstone’s Nightbird’s Song of Zimzala CGC(Go)